Immix Group: Competitors


To obtain a list of competitors of Immix Group ranked according to size and revenue, with website links, and company descriptions.

Early Findings

  • According to Owler, the following are the top 10 competitors of Immix Group, ranked according to revenue and company size. The requested information is presented in this spreadsheet.
1. Avnet
2. Leidos
7. DLT
9. PCM-G

Proposed next steps:

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We will continue this research to identify 10-15 additional competitors of Immix Group and fill in the requested information (company description, website, revenue, employee count) in this spreadsheet. The competitors will be ranked according to revenue.
We can also provide a competitor landscape of the top 2 competitors of Immix Group with the following information (including comparable information on Immix Group): products/services offered, target market, competitive advantage, pricing, and a brief overview of the business model.