Senior-level IT directors for companies in the U.S.


To better understand the demographics and psychographics of senior-level IT directors for companies in the U.S. in order to determine how to reach and motivate senior-level IT directors/decision-makers with communications to influence a purchase

Early Findings

The average salary is $142,530 per year, or $68.53 per hour.

The areas with the highest concentration of IT/Computer and Information Systems managers are Fulton County, Georgia, Danville Town, California, and Ashburn, Virginia.

The most common industries for senior-level IT directors are Computer Systems Design, Education, and Insurance.

71% are male.

75.3% are white, 15.2% are Asian, and 6% are black.

The most common level of education is a bachelor's degree and the most common educational backgrounds are business, computer and information sciences, and engineering.

The most common skills required are monitoring, critical thinking, reading comprehension, programming, management of financial resources, and management of material resources.

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