Guyana, Barbados, and Colombia


In order to assess the market for an online insurance offering, determine the number of uninsured smartphone users/owners aged 28-45 with stable income, in each of the following countries: Guyana, Barbados, and Colombia.

Early Findings


  • The total unemployment rate in Guyana among adult males is 5.3% and 9.3% for adult females.
  • The Guyana has universal healthcare that can be supplemented with private insurance. Only a very small percent of the population can afford private health insurance.
  • In 2017, 643,210 people had mobile phone subscriptions.
  • In 2017, 37.33% of the population used the internet.
  • The total population of Guyana is 785,063.
  • 33,105 females in Guyana are aged 25-29, 21,953 females in Guyana are aged 30-34, 24,586 are aged 35-39, and 22,705 are aged 40-44.
  • Of males in Guyana, 34,806 are aged 25-29, 22,081 are aged 30-34, 24,489 are aged 35-39, and 22,595 are aged 40-44.

Research proposal:

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