Research Outline

Couples' Sex Meditation - Apps & Videos


To provide insights into sex medication for couples, including a list of credible couples sex meditation videos and apps, as well as any findings on tantra sex.

Early Findings

Sex Meditation for Couples

  • Couples can practice sex meditation, with or without a guide. This technique centers around mindfulness, focusing on the "present moment, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judging or labeling them."
  • The couple aims at letting go of distractions and concentrates on each other's touch and sensation. They also aim to "heighten their link and become more aware of each other's body."
  • Couples' sex meditation could end in sexual intercourse or not.

List of Sex Meditation Videos for Couples

List of Sex Meditation Apps for Couples

Tantra Sex

  • Tantra sex was gotten from the philosophy of tantric living. It involves "trapping the body's natural desires and focusing on living expressively and holistically while nurturing the spirit."
  • It is quite similar to yoga but sexier.

We did not find many precompiled information regarding the list of sex meditation apps & videos for couples. However, we found a list of meditation apps and checked those with sex meditation routines for couples to provide results for the same.