Sexual Lubricant Research


Goal: To understand how a lubricant leader stand out even though the category itself has flat lined. Additionally, to learn of what other brands are doing to gain momentum, what are the other adjacent categories to sexual lubricants, and what they are doing to stand out.

Early Findings

From preliminary findings, it was found that the sexual lubricant market is poised to grow by 8% with an increase in female-centric products. In addition, a couple of taboo breaking ads were found that showcases what one brand is doing in that space.

Sexual Lubricant Market

  • The Global sexual lubricant industry has a projected growth of 8% for the period 2018 to 2024.
  • The growth is being driven by increased promotional and marketing activities, acceptance by more women, and the influence of the internet on purchasing behavior.
  • The US market is being affected by an increasing number of private label brands that are taking a large share of the US market.
  • There is an increase in female-centric lubricants which has led to the breaking of taboos in relation to the sexuality of women.
  • These products are generally sold through grocery stores, pharmacies, sex specialty stores, supermarkets, drug stores, hypermarkets and others.
  • Online channels are also gaining momentum and is becoming a popular avenue for the purchasing of sexual lubricants.
  • There is increased branding and advertisement in relation to lubes. Companies selling these products are using online channels as well as aggressive pricing to draw the attention of its customer base.

Ads to Break the Stigma

Proposed next steps:

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