Research Proposal

Social Listening on Sex and Covid-19


To find sexual related topics on different social networks.

To make the social listening exercise I will log in to my social networks (Twitter 18k followers, Instagram 1.1k followers, Facebook, and Tinder).

Early Findings


To find related words on twitter I used the tweetroot app. It's a word cloud generator and I decided to start with some words found on a previous strategy job I did before.

  • #Dickpics: Mayor, Deblasio, penis, social distancing, pics, hitler, unrequested, sellingcontent, buyingcontent, enjoy, Coronavirus
  • #Pussy: snap, hot, sex, girls, videohot, nfsw, sexy, horny, dick, sperm, cum, nude, nudes, boobs, ass, hotgirls
  • #Sex: long, dicks, porn, filthy, naughty, OMG, receive, today,
  • #sexy: truelove, sweatpants, hotpants, jeans, hot, sexual, fantasy, adult, underneath,
  • #Netflix: Netflixandchill, home, friends, wine, love020, 2020, quarantineandchill, lockdown
  • #Fuck: patriarchy, pedophiles, adult, ass, goodtime, bored, degenerates, titten, ugglybitch, tonight

The search for the hashtag #dick showed 0 results, while the word #pussy generated a lot. This could mean that women generate much more interest in the conversation. The hashtag #nudes showed 0 results on twitter and tweetroot, but some related topics to the word are twitter accounts selling nudes (called packs), twitter accounts looking for interaction (RT's, favs) and in compensation offer free nudes, and webcam users generating traffic to sites like Other hashtags with 0 results were boobs and ass, but a quick look at both words shows the words big, small, operation, play, and juicy.


The search on Instagram shows that the word sex doesn't have any related hashtags, but the word sexy does. The hashtags #sexygay, #sexy, #sexyshop appeared when searching. A lot of model accounts appeared on the search and the top section appeared sex shops as places too.
The search for word Boobs showed the hashtags #Bööbs and #Böobs. It seems that users try to avoid Instagram censorship using these hashtags with special characters. Again no words related but a lot of model accounts and clubs as places appeared.
Words as dickpic, ass, or pussy showed no results or nonsexual related content. It seems that censorship makes Instagram a place for romantic appreciation or just aesthetic enjoy more than a place to look for sex.


A search on the term sex on Facebook showed a lot of fan pages related to advising on sexual and relationship topics. There are a lot of pornography posts on sex-related groups and the word sex, or sexy is used for some users surely to gain more followers. Netflix appears here with some posts related to the series Sex Education and some user posts mention Netflix (on twitter too) as the excuse to invite someone to your house and have sex. The Facebook algorithm shows not a great variety of results because I have just a few friends on Facebook.

Tinder and Snapchat

These two social networks are linked because users promise free pics, sexting, and more online sex practices on Snapchat. Tinder works as a traffic generator, because if you like a girl, maybe she won't talk to you at tinder, but she offers her Snapchat or Instagram profiles to make contact and promising to answer your messages there. Some Snapchat content is available just as pay per view like only fans, but with personal transactions on PayPal or other payment methods. I couldn't see much on Snapchat.
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