Shoppable Media


The goal is to find 3-5 brands that have implemented shoppable media and determine best practices surrounding this type of advertising.

Early Findings

  • Hallmark, Walmart, and CVS used interactive advertising platform Contobox to create shoppable ads. They experienced between a 21% and 33% increase in customer interactions with the ads.
  • The introduction of Shoppable Instagram Stories is allowing brands to boost their social commerce strategy by creating personalized product stories that customers can simply click to purchase the featured products.
  • The brand Maldwell began focusing on boosting their Instagram shoppable advertising strategy and gained a 39% increase in sales in 2018 from their efforts.
  • Though they don't specify if it has boosted their sales, Kellogg's has said they are creating more shoppable media for their products. They specify that it is a mix between linked ads and visual cues that encourage people to shop.
  • One best practice for shoppable media is using customer-created content as much as possible in shoppable ads. One survey shows that 77% of consumers are more influenced by consumer-created content than professional photos made by the brand.
  • Another study showed that including Instagram photos on a popular product page on a store's website can increase the sales of that product by up to 24%.
  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

Proposed next steps:

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We did not find any case studies of brands of any size that have implemented shoppable media. Because of this, we suggest moving forward with finding 5-7 additional best practices for using shoppable media. We will try to focus on practices for emerging brands, but will expand to general best practices if needed. For each practice, we will provide an overview of what the practice is, how it is considered a best practice, and what kind of measurable data metrics have shown that it is effective.
Alternatively, we can provide a look at 2-3 third-party companies that help brands create shoppable media (such as Contobox). For each company, we will detail what services they provide, pricing info, any well-known brands that use the service, and any success metrics.