Research Outline

Stock Music Industry Customers' Analysis


To inform the client's building process of a stock music licensing company by providing an understanding of the stock music industry consumer base. An ideal response will provide customer demographic analyses for the top 5 stock music licensing companies globally. For each company, customers' age, gender, ethnicity, average spend, and relationship length (how long they are customers for) should be provided.

Early Findings

To set up this research for success and ensure that the best value is provided, the research team set out to determine the top five stock music licensing companies globally, as requested. Initial research shows that there are numerous sources that purport to provide listings and rankings of the top stock music licensing companies available globally. However, on deeper examination, it was found that most of such listings are based on individual opinions and are not backed by credible research. On further research, credible market reports were identified, as available on Arizton and MarketWatch.

Top Five Stock Music Companies Globally

  • According to a recent global stock music industry report, the top five vendors in the global stock music industry are
    • Envato
    • Entertainment One (eOne)
    • Getty Images Inc.
    • Musicbed LLC.
    • Shutterstock Inc.
    • As revealed by another report on the global stock music industry from MarketWatch, the top five companies in the global stock music industry are
    • Audio Network Ltd.
    • Getty Images Inc.
    • Pond5 Inc.
    • Shutterstock Inc.
    • Musicbed


  • Initial research suggests that there is are no publicly available reports that provides demographic information on the customers of each of the top global stock music vendors globally, as listed above. However, with further research, our research experts can provide a demographic analysis for the customers of any of the seven companies listed above, by combining various credible sources and techniques. Please note that in the event that any of the requested demographic markers (age, gender, ethnicity, average spend, and how long they have been customers) is not publicly available, or cannot be deduced, it will be replaced by another demographic marker, if available.
  • Please select the appropriate research suggestions below to enable the research team provide more value to fulfill the goals of this research.