Case Studies: Thought Leadership Content


Identify 2-3 case studies of organizations showcasing their thought leadership on one landing page on their website.

Early Findings

  • Fashion company Mr. Porter showcases their thought leadership in the industry through a digital journal hosted on their website. Visitors can browse articles and other media on a variety of topics related to fashion and lifestyle.
  • General Electric has created an entirely separate website to showcase all of its thought leadership, Txchnologist. The website features content on such topics as space, nature, building, transportation, computers, and more. According to the website, "Txchnologist is an online magazine created in partnership with GE. We offer an optimistic, but not utopian, take on the future and humanity’s ability to tackle the great challenges of our era through industry, technology and ingenuity. We examine ideas that will shape societies, from the developing world to our frenetic and growing cities."
  • Similarly, Autodesk has created a separate webpage to collect its thought leadership focused on design called Redshift. It covers such topics as architecture, construction, sustainability, manufacturing, and more. "At Redshift, we explore the future of making: how products, buildings, and cities will be built tomorrow—and even 100 years from now."

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