Research Proposal

Janet From the Good Place


To find key action-oriented ways that Signal Design is like Janet, the character from The Good Place. The information will be used to write a humorous blog post.

Early Findings

Janet from the Good Life

  • In the show "The Good Life", Janet is an AI character that knows everything and is designed to be helpful.
  • She is facile with language and has the ability to diffuse tense situations with humans.
  • Janet has many powers, of which the access to a huge database of knowledge, as well as the ability to retrieve any object.
  • She can be considered an advanced version of a virtual assistant.

Traffic Signal Design

  • Traffic signal design involves sequencing individual signal phases within a cycle that define the order in which various pedestrian and vehicular movements are assigned the right-of-way.
  • The aim of traffic signals is to facilitate an orderly movement of traffic, by using the time-sharing principle where pedestrians and motorists coming from different directions are made to wait in equal ways for their right-of-way.
  • In theory, traffic signal design, if well executed, should increase the capacity flow of a junction.
  • However, if badly designed, traffic signals can create larger stopped delays.
  • Signal design is a highly complex process which takes into account a multitude of considerations.
  • Signal design has 6 major phases: (1) phase design, (2) determination of amber time and clearance time, (3) determination of cycle length, (4)apportioning of green time, (5) pedestrian crossing requirements, and (6) the performance evaluation of the above design.
  • There are various forms of control for a four-legged intersection.
  • These include permissive-only, protected-only, and protected-permissive.
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