Research Outline

Size of the baby accessory market in the US. Most interested in sun accessories like sunglasses, hats, swim shirts, shades...


To assist with the launch of a new business, understand the market size of the U.S. baby swim/sun accessories market, including sunglasses, swim shirts, sun protective hats, and sun shades.

Early Findings

  • Some of the key global players in the baby sunglasses market are Bend, Gymboree Star, Junior Babiators, Juibo Eyewear, Osh Kosh, Mustachifier, Old Navy Baby, Carter, JoJoMaman, The Childrens Place, Baby Banz Retro, Frosted Sunglasses, Baby and Toddler, RayBan Wayfarer, Julbo POP, Jbanz, Savannah Kids, Monkey Monkey Wayfarer, Squids, Soltan, Girl Glitter, and Bolle Anaconda Junior. The market size and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the industry was behind a paywall.
  • A June 2017 report gave the 2016 market size and CAGR for the global baby sun protection hat market but both figures were behind a paywall. However, the top players in the industry were listed as Toubaby Kid, Baby Aussie, NIce Caps, GZMM Baby, OTOO Baby, YX Baby, Simpli Kid, Flap Happy Baby, i play, Wallaroo, and Flap.
  • A more recent report on the baby sun protection hat market provides 2018 data but is also behind a paywall. However, the key players listed were consistent with those listed from 2016 which give a good starting point for determining the top U.S. players in the market.
  • The infant and toddler population in the U.S. was 21.07 million in 2015.
  • The global baby care products market size was $73.86 billion in 2018. However, this included all types of baby products such as diapers, wipes, toys, feeding accessories, and more.
  • Baby feeding/care and safety/travel accessories was the second largest category in the baby care products industry, after diapers. In 2018 this category accounted for $2,888.4 million in sales in the U.S.