Research Outline

Skincare Chatbots

Early Findings


You would like a list of chatbots used by skincare brands in order to examine the different uses and features of each one. You will use this information to inform your client of other chatbots or online communications that competitors are using.

Early Findings

  • Consumers increasingly look to text and other digital communication, aside from emails, to contact a business. One survey shows that 75% of consumers wish they could respond to marketing texts from businesses. 13% of companies that send out texts use short-code text bots, which only allow them to send texts and not receive them. This means they miss a large amount of valuable inquiries from their customers.
  • Kiehl's uses a Facebook Messenger chatbot where customers can get help with all kinds of topics, from technical support to product advice and recommendations. Their chatbot offers different selections that lead to different types of chats or quizzes, such as a skincare quiz or an expert consultation.
  • Soap and Glory offers a chatbot right on their website that is geared towards shopping recommendations and cosmetic advice. The chatbot is notable for integrating emojis in order to make the chat feel more realistic and light.
  • Skincare brand LXMI uses an Octane AI chatbot to connect with customers outside of Facebook Messenger. The company reported a 7% increase in revenue just from adding this chatbot.
  • offers a paid market research report on chatbots made specifically for beauty and skincare brands. The report is from Wakefield Research and surveys 1,500 beauty consumers on topics ranging from shopping experiences to the impact of technology and virtual beauty assistants.
  • Many of the world's largest beauty and skincare brands, such as L'Oreal, CoverGirl, and Sephora are already utilizing AI chatbots. These chatbots are going above and beyond typical support help by offering virtual consultations and product advice. This type of virtual personalization is becoming a trend in the beauty and skincare industry because it allows brands to expand their in-store experience to online shoppers.

Proposed Next Steps

Beauty chatbots are becoming widely used, so there are a variety of options to think about when choosing one for your company. To help you in this process, we can provide a list of 4-5 chatbots that are being used by large beauty and skincare brands. For each one, we can provide a detailed overview of the features, reasons it stands out, and any downsides that are present. (3 hours, $87)

We noted from your chat that you would like the largest list of skincare brand chatbots. An alternative to the above suggestion is to provide a list of approximately 10 chatbots that fit the criteria. For each, we would provide a link to their chatbot and a brief 2-3 sentence overview of what the chatbot does. (3 hours, $87)

We look forward to your response on how to proceed.