Research Proposal

Small Dog Owners


To establish a demographic for a small dog owner along with discovering where small dog owners gather online (geographically based online groups, online groups in general for small dogs, Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, and YouTubers), along with locating influencers so that the best way to advertise a product specifically for small dogs may be developed.

Early Findings

Results of Initial Research

  • There is no demographic or market research that specifically addresses small dogs separately. We were able to discover that small dogs now outnumber large dogs in the US, therefore indicating that dog demographics in general would apply to small dogs also, since they have the most representation in market research. Our initial research was spent putting together the demographic. Time did not allow us to address the online communities.

Small Dog Owner Demographics


  • The majority of pet owners are between 28-38 years old.
  • Now ranking the highest among generations, millennial pet ownership has surpassed baby boomers, according to a December 2017 Packaged Facts report on pet food in the US. The report also states that millennials account for 35 percent of all pet owners.
  • 43% of millennials who do not own a pet say they want one in the future. It is believed this is in part due to millenials delaying parenthood and that pets are a substitute.
  • People in the 18-29 age demographic are the most likely to think of their dogs as members of the family, while those in the 30-49 age demographic are the least likely to think this way.


  • The majority of pet owners are Caucasian (70%) or Hispanic (69%).


  • Households that earn more than $100,000 per year are 2x more likely to own a dog over households that make less than $30k per year.

Geographical Location

  • As a general rule, households that are more urban in nature are less likely to own a dog. Only one-third of urban households own a dog, while 40% of suburban households and 51% of rural households do.
  • The state with the highest percentage of dog owners is Arizona, with a 47.9% ownership rate.


  • Married people are more likely to have pets. The odds that a married person owned a dog were 34 percent higher than the odds for a non-married person.


  • Individuals in higher income brackets were significantly more likely to own dogs and cats.


Miscellaneous Demographics

  • Dog owners are more likely to own two or more dogs instead of just one, with the mean average in the US being 1.6 dogs per home.
  • Homeowners were almost three times more likely to own a dog.
  • 27% of American pet owners admit to having had professional photographs taken of their pets.
  • 36% of Americans give their dog birthday presents.
  • More than 50 percent of U.S. households have a small dog now, according to a recent survey by market research firm Packaged Facts.
  • Almost 80 percent of the country now lives in cities and their surrounding areas, where space is harder to come by. It's of little coincidence that big dogs are much more popular in the south, where land is more plentiful.
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