Small Dog Influencers


To identify topics that small dog influencers on Instagram discuss on their accounts.

Early Findings

  • Pet influencers combine "click bait and memes and tie that with some branding know how."
  • Pet influencers also "mentioned that being active and engaging on the accounts can also help to gain a larger group of followers. For example, trying to reply to the comments, and answers to direct messages is essential in order to keep the fans of their beloved pets interested."
  • Pet Influencers often "try to answer from the dog’s point of view while being the actual human who answers, using the symbolic interpretation of the dog."
  • Pet Influencers often emphasize that they try to post "fun and straightforward content that everyone can engage with."
  • "The difference between a regular human influencer and a dog influencer is usually that the dog owners do not create accounts with the purpose to gain followers or partnerships with brands. They have the privilege to choose products and services with others based on their interest. They do not do it for profit — they do it to benefit their pet."

Doug the Pug

  • Doug the Pug is a leading celebrity pet with more than 3.5 million followers.
  • He often has Instagram posts of him posing in cute costumes and sitting next to pizzas, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of likes.
  • Doug has an estimated net worth of $500,000.
  • "He also appeared in Katy Perry’s Swish Swish and Fall Out Boy’s Irresistible music videos."

Dolly Pawton

  • Dolly Pawton is a fashionable Chihuahua and LGBT activist.
  • Her Instagram account spreads a message of freedom through various campaigns.
  • She had a partnership with Starbucks, Vogue, J. Crew, and also made an appearance at London Pride.
  • It is recommended to share "genuine, authentic stories of a pet’s quirks and cute antics in captions so that the world could fall in love with the pet."

Obi and Kato

  • Obi and Kato are two sausage dogs in Perth, Australia with roughly 24.7k followers.
  • One theme of their Instagram account consists of videos and photos of dogs dressed in "customized sweaters and relating to human problems, like going to work on Monday or partying on weekends."
  • The other theme is about the dogs in either natural or home surroundings doing tricks or posing.
  • Obi and Kato have been featured on other accounts which has helped with its communication strategy on Instagram.
  • Obi and Kato's Instagram "uses short captions, and it does not give a distinctive voice. It is much more descriptive, including information about the dogs’ activities, products, or greetings. "

Harlso the Balancing Hound

  • Harlso, the balancing hound, is a Daschund from Belfast, Northern Ireland with 81.3k followers
  • "The account is built up by content where the dog is balancing various items on its forehead, which is also the base idea for the account."
  • "Another signature for the profile is the dog wearing a bow-tie in each of the posts, either being a photo or video. "
  • Harlso's Instagram was also featured on other accounts which has helped create more awareness. He was also featured on TV shows and 9GAG, a popular website.
  • "Harlso's account owner appears to communicate through the dog a lot of the times, explicitly focusing on jokes that match the video or the chosen image."
  • "Most of the captions end with his name as a signature, indicating the close relationship between the dog and its followers. All the messages have a light and humorous approach. "

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