Research Outline

Real Estate Lead Generation


To identify what sources and/or methods for lead generation are the most effective for small real estate firms. This should include data surrounding:
  • effectiveness
  • cost
  • if the leads generated are seller, buyer, or both
When possible, focusing on lead solutions that aim to reach a shorter selling cycle should be prioritized.

Early Findings


Data is adequate within the public domain based upon the slightly pivoted approach detailed in the summary section below.




Based on the above, the crossovers indicate that Market Leader, Bold Leads, REDX, and Zillow are likely the first tier of lead generation solutions to investigate. The second tier of solutions would include: Zurple, Offrs , Zoho, Real Geeks, Smart Zip, and Listing to Leads.

Market Leader

  • The Balance states, Market Leader "is our top choice for real estate lead generation companies because it offers robust features, offers buyer and seller leads from multiple sources, and can be set up easily. The company was founded in 1999 in Bellevue, Washington, and it helps over 250,000 customers with leads, education, and customer support. Industry leaders such as EXIT Realty, Better Homes and Gardens, and Re/Max all use Market Leader."
  • The company's website states that provided leads are exclusive (not provided to anyone else), are guaranteed, and available in targeted markets (like the North Atlanta market).
  • No details on pricing are available without signing up, however Hooquest states the monthly fee starts at $129 while The Close states the service is $119 per month plus $20-$30 per lead (depending on ZIP code).
  • A total of 173 user reviews on G2 provide Market Leader with an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.
    • 5Star Ratings — 97
    • 4Star Ratings — 34
    • 3Star Ratings — 5
    • 2Star Ratings — 2
    • 1Star Ratings — 35


As effectiveness is a subjective metric (based on the variety of reviews seen on G2), it is suggested that a generalized overview of each of the companies (excluding Zillow, as they have already been utilized) be provided. This overview will provide a company description, pricing (when available), ratings, and other information uncovered during the research process which helps to highlight effectiveness.

Based upon the fact that Market Leader precludes in-depth investigation of the solution without signing up (which is not possible during the research process) details surrounding leads that have a shorter selling cycle are unlikely to be found within the public domain.