Smart City Bidding Systems


To obtain information on smart city bidding that discovers where bids are placed, the steps in the bidding process, and what is important to have in order to win a bid at the country, city, or state level for the US, Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia.

Early Findings

  • Many clearinghouses for bids require a membership to see information of value. With this being the case, initial research was directed to find individual applications for smart city bidding.
  • USIgnite, shares free bid information, but it is sparse.
  • Bee Smart City shares RFPs (Request For Proposals) from around the world, and may be a good possible research path.

Saratoga Springs, NY

  • The application may be viewed here.
  • The application was very basic and offered little information that would lead us to our goal.

Dallas, TX

  • The city of Dallas has a road map for their smart city goals. It gives insights to their goals and what is important to them. It does not share anything about how to bid. It may be viewed here.
  • As this was slow process, and did not give much insight, we then redirected and looked for research.

Denver, Co

  • Denver posted a RFP in 2018, but to access any details, the bidder must join BidNet.


  • GovWin+Onvia published an extensive research report that may be viewed here.
  • They took a comprehensive look at nearly 300 different smart solutions being purchased, reflecting over 70,000 purchases in the last three years, with the majority (59%) coming from cities and a sizable 41% originating from counties. They profiled the various types of purchases involved, who is making them, which governments are out-ranking others, and what trends are leading in this space.
  • They studied the cities with the most smart technology projects, and found the areas that have the most action, like smart transportation.
  • They also share recent city and county awards in each sector.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
Our research indicates that this will be a challenging process. Therefore, we recommend further research to find 5 active RFPs each from the United States, Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia. For each country, we will provide a link to the RFP, along with a brief summary. Since the majority of contracts are at the city level, we will focus on cities within each country.
Additionally, we recommend taking a thorough look into the study published by GovWin+Onvia and providing analysis, including the top technologies for RFPs, the top cities, and trends for each technology found in the lengthy study in order to gain insight into the process of obtaining a contract.
We also recommend a media press scan of the last six months for any articles that might give insight into the process. We will find 8-10 articles that talk about obtaining a bid for a smart city (if they are available). For each article, we will provide a link to the article and a summary.