Research Outline

Smart City Projects


Obtain a list of smart city projects that are being planned or deployed in the given cities. The information will be used to make an investment decision.

Early Findings

Smart City Projects


Bill Gates' Smart City


Microsoft-Charlotte Smart City Deal

  • Microsoft has inked a three-year contract with the city of Charlotte for a smart city project.
  • As part of this collaboration, the two entities plan to develop a smart city that will focus on manpower development, the internet of things elements, and innovative technologies.
  • The partners will deploy pioneering programs in these five divisions: "upward mobility, smart transit systems, public Wi-Fi, public safety infrastructure, and safer neighborhoods."


Multi-channel 311 Communications System

  • Nashville will deploy a "multi-channel 311 communications system" that will enable its constituents to "share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions with the Metropolitan Government through a single portal."




One IT Enterprise

  • The city of Baltimore's "One IT Enterprise" will enable the logical centralization of various IT operations and divisions to bring down costs, enhance efficiency, and optimize operations.

Data and Analytics Hub

  • The city is also planning to establish a data and analytics hub to build its capacity to consolidate scattered data into one central database.
  • The users can then utilize the data to accomplish their intended purpose.

IoT-Enabled Smart City

Baltimore Tech Center


Sydney Science Park Greenfield Project


Northern Melbourne Smart Cities Network


Brisbane Smart Poles project

The details above were inputted in the shared spreadsheet.