Smart City Examples


To obtain as many examples of smart city projects as possible from a list of provided cities, with a focus on quantity over quality.

Early Findings

  • Smart city projects for Dallas and Austin are provided in the attached spreadsheet.
  • There is missing data for most of the projects, particularly money invested, as this was not readily available in our initial research. It is possible a deeper dive into each project will uncover the cost details, but this will likely vary by project.

Proposed next steps:

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Since quantity is more important than quality for this request, we propose continuing the research by providing a list of as many smart city projects as we can find for each of the provided locations. Priority would first be given to finding the projects and briefly describing them, then identifying the companies involved, and finally providing investment data. We propose spending limited time searching for the investment amounts as this would likely result in a much shorter list. It will of course be provided if readily available. To ensure that we are able to do a deep dive into each location, we propose focusing on Boston, Dallas, and Austin in one 3-hour block of research; India in a second 3-hour block since it is a broader search; and then 2 cities in each of the remaining 3-hour blocks.
Alternatively, we can do a more narrow search and aim to provide 1-2 smart city projects for each of the locations, with details on the companies involved as well as the investment amount. This will likely result in fewer projects but more details for each.
As a final option, we can aim to provide a total of 10-12 additional smart city projects overall, with a brief summary of each to include what is being done and the companies involved. Investment amounts would be provided if readily available, but we propose not spending more than a few minutes searching for that information in order to provide the most projects. We would aim to spread these projects out over all locations but can't guarantee that all locations will be represented in the results.