Research Outline

Smartwatch Consumers


To understand the factors influencing smartwatch purchase decisions. Also, to obtain the brand promotion/marketing tactics used by successful smartwatch brands.

Early Findings

  • NPD reports that as of June 2017, about 9% of consumers aged 18+ owned a smartwatch in the United States. This represented an increase of "almost 1.5 percentage points from the previous six months".
  • The 2017 NPD also revealed that 54% of consumers make use of smartwatches in receiving notifications and text messages.
  • According to Ipsos, in terms of wearable technology penetration, the United States ranks first globally.
  • Affluent Americans are at the forefront of this penetration in the United States and globally. Ipsos revealed that 15.5% of these affluent American consumers own a smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear.
  • In terms of demographics, Affluent millennials are the most significant owners of smartwatches in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
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