Research Proposal

Sobey's Background Information


To gain professional and personal backgrounds on additional Sobey's executives, in order to prepare for meeting

Early Findings

Sean Ramnarine will be a speaker at ProcureCon Canada, an event focused on professional sourcing and procurement executive strategies.

In 2012, Sean was the president of a board involved in an energy contract price gouging scandal, and where the media highlighted efforts to keep the pricing down for residents.

One of Lola Govedarica’s personal hobbies is Hike for Hospice.

She also volunteered for Center for Peace in the Balkans, a Toronto based nonprofit, as well as having worked overseas for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.

There was no additional public data available on Silvia Perry beyond her LinkedIn, from which we were able to note that she has been with Sobey’s for over 10 years, where she started as a procurement manager.

While limited data was also available on Emily Purkiss, we were able to find her Twitter account, where we found she is currently taking courses in baking/cake making, and interested in travel and tech gadgets.

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