Social Media Engagement Analysis


To understand the reasons brands do social media engagement and its effectiveness, as well as how the service is positioned and evaluated in order to prove the value of social media engagement.

Early Findings

  • A survey of marketers representing brands and agencies found that the main goal for social media campaign is to build brand awareness, with 70% of marketers choosing it as the most important goal.
  • The other top goals for marketers include increasing sales and leads (59%), "increasing online community engagement (48%), growing an organization’s audience (46%), and increasing website traffic (45%)."
  • A different study by DMA that surveyed B2B and B2C marketers found that the major reasons brand use organic social media marketing/campaign are for brand awareness (36%), customer engagement (32%), lead generation (12%), customer acquisition (9%), other (5%), customer retention (4%), and customer segmentation (3%).
  • For paid social media campaign, the major reasons brands market on social media are for lead generation (37%), brand awareness (20%), customer acquisition (20%), customer engagement (17%), customer retention (2%), and customer segmentation (2%), and other (2%).
  • Although most marketers are looking to increase brand awareness, only 41% look at metrics that align with their goals, "with 63% focused on engagement metrics and half look at conversion and revenue metrics."
  • Marketers have a problem measuring the impact of social media on ROI, with 44% of CMOs saying that they "haven’t been able to measure the impact of social media on their business, while only 20 percent say that they’ve been able to quantify social media’s success. Plus, 36 percent of CMOs say they have a qualitative sense of its impact, but they haven’t been able to translate that into solid figures."
  • A study found that only about 48% of marketers say they are seeing an ROI on their social media marketing effort.
  • We couldn't ascertain if other agencies use copywriters or the percentage of agencies that use copywriters during our preliminary research, however, we found materials that suggest that proper copywriting on social media may be beneficial to social media campaigns.

Research proposal:

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