Social Media Insights Services Research


To find out examples of service providers who offer social media insights reporting services that deliver deeper insights and a story behind the data and recommendations going beyond the scope of templated reports generated by tools.

Early Findings

Synthesio by Ipsos

  • Synthesio, a company by Ipsos help brands to dive deep into specific business questions using Synthesio Social Media Intelligence data, with the option to layer in any combination of the following: a)Search data from Google Trends b)Data from open-ended survey questions c)Data from the client’s Customer Relationship Management system d)Voice-to-text conversion of the client's call center data etc.
  • These Social Media Insight Reports are provided by Synthesio’s parent company, Ipsos, and are delivered on an ongoing basis. Although the reports are highly-customized for the brand that requests them, they can also be ad-hoc and not follow a set schedule.

Social Media Insights Reporting by The Social Element

  • Social media insights reporting offered by the social element not only provides the numbers, but also equips the user with practical advice based on those numbers, from its data and insights team.
  • The reports are customizable as per the requirement of the brand and provides features such as: a) Performance Snapshot b) Content Performance Reporting c) Competitive Benchmarking d) Social Listening Insights e) Campaign Performance Reporting and f)Audience Analysis.

Sysomos or Meltwater Social

  • The process as is followed by sysomos involves consultation of the client with its reports team on the reporting needs and goals. Taking the input, sysomos produces custom reports and dashboards built specifically for the client organization.
In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

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