Wedding Social Media Marketing


Determine five social media marketing trends for wedding event venues and caterers for 2020.

Early Findings


  • Wedding hashtags are still trending.
  • It is important to both create hashtags for the business and use them when posting, but also to follow hashtags that potential new clients may use like #engaged or #futurebride to then target these potential new clients.

Go Live

  • Going live on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram can increase views.
  • Try going live to host question and answer sessions for potential new clients.

Geotags and Filters

  • Setting geotags for venues makes it easy for potential clients to find your business during their research.
  • By setting geofilters during events on sites that allow it, like Snapchat, when guests at that event post on social media the venue will be automatically tagged.

Research proposal:

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