Social recommendation apps and platforms


A competitive analysis of social recommendation apps and platforms. The apps and platforms should be reviewer driven with social media elements involved.

Early Findings

  • Likewise is a social recommendation platform and app, backed by Bill Gates.
  • Vero is an app for recommendations for restaurants, activities, movies, and music.
  • Mix is an app for social recommendations that connects to social media.
  • Rex is an iOS app for recommendations.
  • Rayka is focused on travel recommendations.
  • Tidbit social uses Facebook to connect people to friends and sources they trust for recommendations.
  • Q Me is another social recommendation app.
  • The requested competitive landscape will be completed in a spreadsheet.

Proposed next steps:

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The initial research identified a further seven social media recommendation apps and platforms. Further research will complete a competitive analysis of the 10 companies (including Kit, Hansel, and Blinked). For each company an overview, key features, revenue/business model and competitive advantage will be completed.