Software Purchasing Trends


Identify the purchasing trends for enterprise companies in off-the-shelf software and custom development over the last 5-10 years.

Early Findings

  • Demand for custom software is increasing as more companies seek to be tech-savy.
  • The average enterprise company currently has 464 custom applications deployed.
  • For companies with over 50,000 employees, this number of custom applications jumps to 788.
  • The number of custom applications deployed at any given company has seen a 20.5% increase, with the increase expected to continue.
  • Most custom applications are intended for internal company use, like sales applications. The next largest category is for customer-facing applications, like customer scheduling, and finally the smallest category is solutions that are aimed at both customers and internal employees.
  • Based on a survey of IT professionals, over half said they are more likely to use custom software than prepackaged software.

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