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To obtain a brief description of CRM, HR Software, Manufacturing Software, and API Management Software; the top 4 problems businesses solved by these products; and the top 10 differentiating features/functionality of each. This research is intended to recommend products to clients.

Early Findings



  • This technology is critical in managing a company's relationship and interactions with customers and prospects.
  • The main aim is to improve relationships by staying connected to customers, streamlining company processes, and improve the profitability of a company.
  • A CRM solution assists in addressing the company's relationship with individuals: customers, service users, colleagues, and suppliers.
  • This product is great in managing the entire relationship life cycle: finding new customers, winning their business, providing support, and any additional services for the duration of the relationship.

HR Software

Manufacturing Software

API Management Software

  • The goal is to ensure that the entire API design process is easier, seamless, and efficient: API design, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Various tools may have unique features but overall, the essential features include documentation tools, security, sandbox environments, high availability, and backward compatibility.

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