Research Outline

Online Portfolio Solutions for Voice Artists


Identify any existing solutions and services for voice actors and narrators (not music-oriented performers or singers) that are specifically aimed at offering them an online portfolio or secondary service within a website, similar to SoundCloud, Wix, or SquareSpace. For each solution identified, their respective products/service offerings, pricing, and market share will be identified. These solutions should be online and available within the U.S. Solutions do not include marketplaces that permit voice actors and narrators to offer their services. This research will be used to better understand if there is a demjand for this type of offering, and if so, who the key competitors are and what they offer.

Early Findings


  • Format is an online service that can help artists of any type, including voice actors, create online digital portfolios to showcase their works.
  • Format offers templates for various types of portfolios, as well as information related to the relevance of having a location where an artist can showcase their works and skills.


Other Competitors:

  • Both Carbonmade and Weebly both allow users to create websites to host their digital portfolios.
  • Krop is both an online portfolio website and job board for artists, including designers, photographers, and more. This domain also allows users to build a resume into their portfolios.
  • Voice Actor Websites can design and market online portfolios for voice actors. A quote is required to get pricing information.
  • Crevado is a free service to produce digital online portfolios that allows users to use their own domains and upload content, including audio files.