Research Outline

VC Email List


To provide the email addresses for three of the people listed in column E of the spreadsheet.

Early Findings

To provide the requested information, we first went through each company's website. Whenever the website did not feature any emails, we used email aggregators like and Rocket Reach. It is important to note, however, that some of the companies did not feature any emails, so we tried to get the information by going through some of the people's personal websites. We have noted all the emails in the attached spreadsheet.


  • Many of the founders or partners that work for #Angels did not have a readily available email address. As such, we have provided their LinkedIn account.
  • Robert Wold is the CEO of 32advisors.
  • Elliott Goldberg is the Manager and Owner of 1931 Funding.


  • In our first hour of research we were able to find the email addresses for the first 10 companies.
  • Throughout our research we determined that some of the email addresses might not be readily available. As such, providing social media pages like LinkedIn could prove to be a viable substitute.
  • We recommend further research to complete the spreadsheet with the required information. Details on our recommended research paths have been provided in our proposals below.