Research Outline

South Africa Wedding Flower Research


To determine the number of weddings that utilize flowers in South Africa each month and year in order to understand the wedding flower market. To determine the number of florists and wedding planners in South Africa.

Early Findings


  • Weddings in South Africa cost about R80,000.
  • The cost of having a wedding planner in South Africa is between R35,000 and R85,000.
  • A planner can help save costs as they assist in acquiring decor, food, furniture, lights, crockery, tableware, glasses, flowers, among others. Online searches are more expensive.
  • According to one of the leading wedding planners in South Africa, flowers could cost up to R200,000.
  • Weddings in South Africa peak in the months of September through April.
  • In 2016, there were 139,512 registered marriages of which 1,331 were civil marriages.
  • The number of non-civil weddings are (139,512-1,331=138,181)

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial research was unable to provide insights that directly address the request.
  • Our one-hour search was only able to find information on the types of flowers used at weddings, the top wedding planners, and statistics on the marriages in 2015/2016. The most recent sources still provided this same data.
  • We were able to provide the data for the non-civil marriages for 2016. A monthly breakdown of this information does not seem to be publicly available.