E-Commerce Chemicals


To find examples of chemicals providers that e-commerce capabilities.

Early Findings


  • On the Chempoint website, it is possible to view the product catalogue by product line, industry, or supplier.
  • The price for products is not published on the site, and the client has to request a quote by filling an online form.
  • Information available online for each product includes the region, package size, documents, overview, specifications, advantages, and related products.
  • A sample can also be requested by filling another online application.
  • For each manufacturer, there is an overview, product lines, and a wealth of information about product types.
  • To place an order, customers have to start by setting up an account with Chempoint, then be quoted a price for their product, and then finally they have the possibility to submit their order either by phone, email, or by logging onto the website.
  • The order status can be tracked by logging onto the Order Details page on the website.
  • Chempoint is a subsidiary of Univar.

The Cary Company

  • It is possible to search for products on the Cary Company website by typing keywords, SKU, or Product ID.

Univar Solutions

  • The Univar Solutions website allows customers to request quotes and documentation for each product.
  • The origin of the product is also indicated on the website, whether it is from the United States, Canada, EMEA or Latin America.
  • Chemicals can be seen by products types online, with a description and overview for each.
  • It is also possible to search for products by supplier and an overview is provided for each one.
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