Research Proposal

Counter AI


To identify 3 - 5 specific examples where the counter AI technology has been employed in real life or lab environment covering what threat it faced, how it was able to mitigate the threat and the overall impact of the counter AI.

Early Findings

  • The result of our preliminary research suggests that "Counter AI" does not currently exist as the name of any technology or digital tool. Furthermore, counter-AI measures and anti-AI tactics have only recently begun to materialize — that is, tools, actions, and strategies designed to counter unintended or unsolicited actions initiated by AIs are only just being developed.
  • Only a few measures or strategies have incorporated AI itself, and most, if not all, remain in development. Li and Lyu recently released a paper detailing their method for identifying deep fake videos using AI. Deep fake videos are videos created by AIs which are convincing enough to fool a human audience.
  • Another example of a counter AI measure is a robocall screener app called Dasha. The AI technology helps manage robocalls by picking up potential robocalls from marked numbers and chatting up the caller to ascertain whether or not the caller is human.
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