Research Outline

Mental Health Apps


To obtain information about the following mental health apps: Moodpath — Depression & Anxiety Test, Sanvello (formerly Pacifica), TalkLife, Daylio — Mood Tracker, Youper, Depression CBT, WhatsUp?, and Happify. This research would be used to prove that there is a gap in this market in terms of spreading awareness.

Early Findings


  • Moodpath is an app for people who are struggling with anxiety or depression. It is a mental health app that guides its users toward maintaining or improving their emotional well-being.
  • The app acts as "a personalized mental health companion" by checking on a user three times a day. It asks questions aimed at learning from a user's responses.
  • The questions asked are then used to generate insights that are relevant to the user's emotional health.

Sanvello (Pacifica)


  • TalkLife boasts to be "the world’s largest global peer support network for mental health providing support for anyone battling with the ups and downs of life".
  • The platform allows its users to have a safe space and remain anonymous, thereby making them feel comfortable enough to share their problems.

Daylio — Mood Tracker

  • Daylio allows its users access to a "free private diary".
  • Users can keep track of their activities and also create patterns that enable them to become more productive.


  • Youper describes itself as an emotional health assistant that helps people take control of their emotional health.
  • Users can have quick conversations with the app, receive guidance through personalized meditations, and track their mood and emotional health.

Depression CBT


  • WhatsUp? is an app that "provides daily tools that promote positive mental health and wellbeing".
  • This solution offers a confidential, non-judgmental, and secure platform that allows an organization's wellbeing department to quickly support employees that need help most.