Spine Specialty Centers


To obtain an in-depth understanding of the advertising activities of spine specialist groups in the US, covering how much they spend on advertising, ROI, and preferred channels of advertising. Specifically, we will be focusing on the following spine specialist groups: Barrow Brain and Spine, Indiana Spine Hospital, and Midwest Orthopaedics.

Early Findings

  • Our preliminary findings indicate that none of the three spine specialty centers disclose their advertising costs to the public. This may be because Barrow Brain and Spine, Indiana Spine Group (ISG), and Midwest Orthopaedics are private group practices and are not required by law to publicly declare their finances.
  • Information on their preferred advertising channels is also scarce. Therefore, we expanded the research to focus on their advertising history.
  • Barrow Brain and Spine has published a total of five TV ads and seems to be the most advertising-inclined spine specialist of the three. Barrow Brain and Spine TV ads can be found here. The company also regularly updates its Youtube page with interviews, recovery journeys, and infomercials.
  • Indiana Spine Group (ISG) has only published a single TV ad but regularly posts interviews and infomercials on its Facebook page. ISG's TV ad and videos can be found here.
  • Midwest Orthopaedics, in a similar to the other two, regularly posts interviews, recovery journeys, and infomercials on its Youtube page. We were not able to identify any TV ad or any other forms of ads released by the center.

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