Sports Betting (Gambling)


  • Identify and explain how people new to sports betting (gambling) learn how to play the game.
  • Identify and detail the types of skills that new sports betters want to learn and where they learn them from
  • Detail the differences between a novice sports better versus a seasoned sports better.
  • The overall goal of each of the above points is to inform and guide the development of a new campaign.

Early Findings

  • According to Sports Insights, a segment of The Action Network, major skillsets that new sports betters are interested in learning about include the actual process of sports betting, managing funds from sports betting, and betting against the uneducated public.
  • There appears to be a breakdown of education on sports betting by sports type (i.e. betting on NFL games, NBA games, MLB games, college football, soccer, etc.).
  • Initial searches for methods to learn about how to bet on sports showed a variety of free and paid written guides, such as ones from The Sports Geek, Udemy, and
  • As per The Action Network, one of the major characteristics of a seasoned sports better is knowing how to manage money and unit sizes. Professionals there indicate that seasoned betters will know not to change units based on how well or poor they're doing, but to instead utilize a flat-betting approach.
  • Novice sports betters are often at higher risk for getting pulled into "scamdicapper" sites because of a lack of regulation. These are essentially websites that put out false records to pull in uneducated betters, leading them to believe low risk and high rewards are possible. More seasoned betters will know not to believe such sites.
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