Research Proposal

Sports bettors: motivations


To identify the main drivers and motivators of sports bettors for a journey workship for a sports betting brand.

Early Findings

Motivations and drivers: sports betting

  • According to the Gambling Research Exchange, Ontario, the common motivation for gambling of all types is the desire to win money, especially if they have financial hardships. Cultural influence also plays a role, where winning is associated with success, happiness, and a better life. Other motivations for gambling in general involves the social aspect, excitement, and to cope or escape from stress.
  • Some people gamble to demonstrate their skill and compete with others. This is especially common among sports betting players and in poker. They may continue to gamble excessively as a result of overestimating the influence of skill towards winning as opposed to luck. Such people may continue to gamble in an attempt to improve their skills.
  • According to a research report from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, the top 10 motivations for sports betting as per the survey respondents were: I enjoy a punt (77%), makes watching sport more interesting (61%), I enjoy the social aspect (53%), I have a lot of sports knowledge (47%), the adrenaline rush (38%), to get ahead financially (32%), easy access to betting (32%), boredom (31%), advertisements and promotions (27%), and to chase losses (12%).

Motivations and drivers: selecting a sports betting operator

  • According to SBC News, 87% of online betters in the UK already have a betting provider in mind. However, it was revealed that leading online betting providers lose 75% of their potential customers during the orientation process. Hence, it is clear that customers change their minds when comparing competing providers.
  • Based on the survey findings of online sports bettors in the UK (desktop users), the main drivers/motivations for engaging with an online sports betting provider were identified as follows: I have used them before (55%), I trust this company (46%), their website was visually appealing (37%), their betting options were easy to understand (35%), they had the best odds/offers for my needs (33%), they give me plenty of options to choose from (30%), their website helped me to find betting options quickly (27%), the website helped me compare options (17%), they have low/no fees (10%), someone had recommended them to me previously (9%)
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