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Stamford, CT


To provide required data points about Stamford, CT

Early Findings

The top ten largest employers in Stamford are; Centerplate, Harmon International, Daymon, Synchrony, Pitney Bowes, Gartner, United Rentals, Nestl, and Silgan Holdings.

The average income of a Stamford resident was noted to be $46,074 a year, compared to the US average of $28,55.

The median age of residents in Stamford is 37.

The population breakdown in Stamford by race is as follows; 49.4% White, 26.5% Hispanic or Latino, and 13.6% Black or African American.

79.4% of residents in Stamford are U.S. citizens.
Regarding education levels of adults in Stamford; 48% have bachelor’s or higher, 90% high school or higher, 29% masters or higher
While there was no breakdown of most common professions in Stamford, we found that the following professions are more common in the state of Connecticut than other states; epidemiologists, actuaries, embalmers, choreographiers, electromechanical equipment assemblers, and physicists.

Regarding marital status and family status in Stamford, 49.7% of adults are married, 9.6% are divorced, 36.9% are married with children, and 14.6% are single parents with children.
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