Title: Live Events in Stamford, CT for LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, or Women


To identify 3-4 additional events that attracted large groups (1,000+) of LGBTQ, black, Hispanic, or female attendees in 2019 in Stamford, CT, or speaker series developed for these groups, regardless of size.

Early Findings

  • After looking through Stamford, CT newspapers and event hosting sites, we were unable to identify additional Stamford, CT events for LGBTQ, black, Hispanic, or female attendees that had over 1,000 people in attendance in 2019. We were, however, able to find much smaller speaker events created with LGBTQ, black, Hispanic, and female attendees in mind.
    • The Ferguson Library/Stamford Public Library offers both one-time and series long speaker events created for both LGBTQ, black, Hispanic, and female audiences and for others who support these causes. The Ferguson Library consists of four branches and events they sponsor are held at both at the library branches and at other locations in Stamford.
    • A speaker-led series titled "Facing Racism in Stamford" which will be held on Tuesday nights in October and November at Union Baptist Church in Stamford. Sponsors of this series are The Ferguson Library, Everyday Democracy, CT Undoing Racism, Interfaith Council of Southwestern CT, Union Baptist Church and DOMUS. Expected attendance numbers were not given.
    • A speaker-led Women's History month event titled "Lighting the Fires of Freedom with Author Janet Dewart Bell" was held on March 27th, 2019 at the Ernest A. DiMattia, Jr. Building (Branch)of The Ferguson Library. Sponsors of this event were the Friends of The Ferguson Library, DOMUS, Connecticut Undoing Racism, and the Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut, .

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