Research Outline

Stamford, CT


To obtain a breakdown of the large and medium-sized enterprises in Stamford Connecticut by sector.

Early Findings

Industries in Stamford

  • According to the Stamford Government Center, Stamford has an impressive number of corporate headquarters compared to other cities in the state. Three of the companies with its headquarters based in Stamford are 2018 Fortune 500 companies (Charter Communications, Synchrony Financial, and Vineyard Vines), while eight are fortune 1000 companies.
  • While the city has a diverse mix of employment sectors, the main ones include finance and real estate, technology, management and consulting, digital media, and healthcare. The companies are often located as clusters according to their industry sector.
  • According to NYC Office Suits, small businesses make up 97% of the total businesses in Connecticut.
  • The US Census Bureau has not published the exact number of companies (employer establishments) in Stamford for 2016 (or recent years).
  • The latest available data from the US Census Bureau is from 2012. There are a total of 16,914 companies a Stamford (not classified according to company size). A detailed breakdown of companies by sector (utilities, construction, manfacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade, and transportation and warehousing) is available on this page.

Companies in Stamford by Sector

  • While the exact number of companies in Stamford by sector was not available, Stamford Government Center has listed some of the major companies within each of the eight main industrial sectors in the city. The number of companies noted under each of the sectors as a percentage of the total (206) is as follows.
- Finance, Insurance, Real Estate: 30 -14.6% (30/206*100)
- Science & Technology: 30 -14.6% (30/206*100)
- Digital Media & Entertainment: 24 -11.7% (24/206*100)
- Professional Services: 24 -11.7% (24/206*100)
- Health Care: 26 -12.6% (26/206*100)
- Manufacturing, Commodities, & Industry: 27 -13.1% (27/206*100)
- Consumer Goods & Products: 25 -12.1% (25/206*100)
- Hospitality & Coworking Spaces: 20 -9.7% (20/206*100)

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