Coffee Shop Standards


Identify standards that regulate or rank the quality of service and products offered by coffee shops in the US, or metrics that could be used to create such a standard.

Early Findings

Research revealed no standards for coffee shops in the US. We came to this conclusion after research through the US National Coffee Association revealed no information as such. We assume that if standards existed for this industry, the industry association would provide information about them.

Therefore, we switched our focus to metrics.

Food and Wine

  • Food and Wine did an extensive profiling of coffee shops across the country using the following metrics: The shop had been in the coffee business for eat least two years. The shop was rated both on the quality of their coffee and on their retail operation. The sustainability of the coffee provided and the shop itself was considered.
  • The research consisted of an unannounced site visit, no free samples were accepted, and no funds or other forms of influence over the results was allowed.
  • Additionally, insight was requested from non-shop-affiliated industry leaders.

U.S. Coffee Championships

Coffee Franchises

  • Coffee franchises track cost of goods, labor percentages, top-line sales, and loyalty system participation by customers.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
Information on metrics for coffee shops is very limited. We recommend instead identify 3-5 areas that make a "good" coffee shop, according to consumers (i.e. areas of preference for consumers). For each we will describe what the preference area is, and what consumers are looking for in that area.
We can also provide a review of 3-5 of the "best" coffee shops in the US, as identified by industry experts. We can then describe for each what makes them the "best".
Lastly, we can identify 3-5 trends for coffee shops in the US. For each trend we will describe what the trend is, identify what is driving the trend, and provide an example of a shop showing the trend.