Startup Funding Prerequisites & Grants


To gain a better understanding of the types of funding that are available to the startups in the listed regions and to also have a list of consulting services, support services, or premises rental for startups that are paid by the government of the said regions.

Early Findings

The first hour of research turned the following information:

Kind of Funding Options for Startups

European Union

  • "A huge proportion of startup funding still comes through government participation, through grants, soft loans and venture investing."
  • "The aim is to offer Europe’s smart innovators the chance to step forward and request funding for breakthrough ideas with the potential to create entirely new markets or disrupt existing ones, across all sectors."
  • "The EU supports regional businesses and specific projects through a range of initiatives including, grants , loans, guarantees and equity , subsidies, prizes . A fifth method of support is through direct purchases from SMEs in the region for internal use."

The German Government

  • Most of the funding programs in the entrepreneurship category of startups consist of public loans, and the German government has several funding programs in place to aid financial support for the startups in the said category.
  • Additionally, numerous institutions provide funding to startups, particularly those working in the field of tech and innovation.
  • The Employment Agency provides Gründungszuschuss, which is a startup grant, totaling up to a sum of €300 plus whatever amount is owed as a job-seeker and need not be repaid.
  • "For those not entitled to startup grants, startup loans are the next best option; cheap loans are avaialble from both the central KfW and the regional state banks."
  • "The Employment Agency offers startup grants, seminars and one-to-one advice from a business consultant; support programs to promote professional consultancies; and cheap loans from the KfW bank, owned by the Federal Republic and the Länder (federal states)."

The German State of 'North Rhine-Westfalia

  • "In the regions, the Investment Bank of Berlin, the HEI initiative in Hamburg network and the KBG capital investment company for North Rhine-Westphalia are just a few examples of funding sources at the federal state level."

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