Coatings Industry; List of Startups


To get a list of startups operating in the "coatings" industry, including information like CEO contact info, funding rounds details, and information about their best product and offerings.

Early Findings

Our first round of research unveiled the following startups:

1. Flite

  • Flite is a well-recognized name in the coating industry and is known to use Femtosecond Laser technology for reshaping the surface layer of different kinds of materials.
  • The company secured its pre-seed funding round in 2017 and raised a total amount of CA$180K.

2. Nelumbo

  • "Nelumbo is a recognized pioneer in the field of advanced surface modifications and a trusted partner for developing, manufacturing, and selling redefined products using innovative surface technologies."
  • The company conducted a total of two rounds, Series A and a seed funding round; Series A funding round received $5.5 million.

3. LipoCoat

  • "The LipoCoat revolutionary coating technology -which has its origin in 2010- will make any (bio)material surface non-thrombogenic, non-fouling and resistant towards surface pollution of micro-organisms and proteins."
  • The company conducted two seed funding rounds and a Series A funding round, along with a grant. For Series A, LipoCoat received €1.4M, and for the second seed funding round, they received €600K, and the last seed round earned them €900K.

4. Interface Polymers

  • "Polarfins from Interface Polymers can alter the hydrophobic character of polyolefin surfaces, providing better and more durable anti-fogging performance and surface water control."
  • The company received funding from two rounds; the venture round earned them £318.3K, and the private equity round earned them £2 million.

5. Qlayers

  • "The company automates coating processes and provide the ability to make surfaces functional."
  • The company conducted a total of two seed funding rounds; the first round received €300,000.


  • "SGMA specializes in coatings & advanced materials using Sol-gel process and develops sustainable solutions for today’s global problems."
  • SGMA is a private company; funding information is not available.

7. ChromaSol International LLC

  • "The company provides with a patented light-activated antimicrobial technology that has been reported by other researchers to kill bacteria and virus in a way to which they have not been observed to develop resistance, (including MRSA, TB, influenza, etc)."
  • No financial information is available for the company.

8. nanoCare

  • NanoCare provides coating solutions for a variety of industries.
  • No financial information is available for the company.

9. Apellix

  • "Apellix Provides a Platform to Physically Contact Surfaces to Automate Inspections, Cleaning, and Coating (Painting) at Heights."
  • Apellix is a private company; funding information is not available.

10. Darkside Scientific Inc.

  • The company has developed a world-class product called LumiLor.
Some of the popular startups in the field can be found here.

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