Ranking 1999 to 2019 comparison


To build a list of the Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies from 1999 and 2019 in a spreadsheet for comparison. The information required is Revenue, Profits, Assets, Headcount, Industry (optional).

Early Findings

  • Initial research found the 2019 lists for the Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies on Fortune's website. Each list provides all the data but the industry.
  • The data can not be copied directly into a spreadsheet and therefore requires data entry to compile the list in a spreadsheet.
  • The 1999 Fortune 100 and Global 100 lists 1999, on Fortune's website only provides the revenue information for each company.
  • The 1999 Fortune 100 list is available in the Fortune archives. This provided the 1999 Fortune 100 companies, revenue and profit. This has been entered into the attached spreadsheet.
  • The 1999 Fortune 100 list also provided the asset information, but would require more time to obtain as the assets are sorted by company name. The number of employees was not provided in this database or on the Fortune 100 list for that year.
  • The Global 100 list for 1999 only provides the revenue information. By accessing each company the number of employees can also be obtained.

Research proposal:

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