Research Proposal

Lawn and Garden Sales


To provide insights relating to the growth of lawn and garden sales amid the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

Early Findings

Several reports have detailed the recent surge in lawn and garden sales since the onset of COVID-19. Below are some of our findings:
  • Across the country, consumers are altering their behavior and picking up hobbies to while away time. As of March 24, lawn and garden retail in the US grew 89 percent compared to just a week before, according to a recent report by Zentail.
  • The sales of lawn and garden products have also surged in Pennsylvania. Hurnung's Ace Hardware, a local Pennsylvania store, claimed that its sales of lawn and garden products has grown 42 percent amid the current stay-at-home order. The store also stated that most of its rental equipment and bag products are selling twice the usual rate.
  • In another report by the US Chamber of Commerce, landscaping and yard care companies are seeing increased business. According to the report, most landscaping and yard care companies are operating at full capacity due to the recent increase in demand.
  • The same trend has been observed in Mississippi as people turn to gardening for food and therapy. Several businesses within the sector have reported unprecedented sales. According to an executive at Madison garden Center, "[the] business has increased exponentially."
  • In addition, the industry is seeing a lot of first-timers who are trying out gardening for the first time. According to another executive at Green Oak Nursery, the sales of vegetable plants has greatly increased, and it constantly needs to reorder.
  • The average sales basket for seed supplies has also surged. According to Wayside Garden Center Rochester, people now typically spend between $100 and $150 on seeds, a growth the company considers "huge."
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