Employee Benefits U.S. Cities


To find statistics about the most wanted, and most offered employee benefits for some U.S. cities such as San Franciso, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. To look for the largest areas of insurance needs and areas forecasted to grow in the next few years. The information will be used to inform a West Coast regional plan for an insurance brokerage client.

Early Findings

Most Wanted Employee Benefits

  • According to research by Robert Half, the most sought after benefits include assistance with basic needs, noncash benefits; and benefits not tied to job performance.
  • According to a survey by benefits' provider Unum, aside from insurance and retirement benefits, employees sought benefits such as paid family leave (58%), flexible work options (55%), professional development (39%), and sabbatical leave (39%).
  • A study conducted by Metlife found that 81% of employees consider medical insurance as a must-have benefit.
  • The Harvard Business Review found that 88% of job seekers would consider a lower-paying job that offered better health insurance.

Most Offered Employee Benefits

  • The most offered benefits given by employers to their employees in the U.S. are health and dental insurance, paid time off, and retirement saving plans.
  • According to a survey by Robert Half, 81% of companies surveyed offer health insurance, 76% paid time off, 71% dental insurance, 65% retirement saving plans, and 63% provide vision insurance.
  • The companies with the best benefits in Los Angeles offer health insurance, disability insurance, dental benefits, life insurance, vision benefits, and retirement benefits.
  • According to Glassdoor, the most offered benefits in Salt Lake City include health insurance and pension plans, followed by dental insurance.

Most Important Areas of Insurance Needs

  • Vision insurance, as well as dental and health feature amongst the most offered employee benefits represent therefore important areas of insurance need.
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