Research Proposal

Stats on the Employee Experience


The goal is to identify statistics about employee experience that show how it affects a company's bottom line using trusted, non-software company sources.

Early Findings

  • Actively disengaged employees end up costing US companies up to $550 billion per year.
  • Unhappy employees take an average of 15 more sick days per year than happier employees.
  • 96% of people who say they have great employee experience also show high work performance.
  • Companies that budget for employee experience outperform those that don't by 4.2 times.
  • 73% of employees that work in a team report high employee experience, as compared to only 61% of those who work on their own.
  • 60% of employees say they have a way to provide feedback to their company, but only 30% say that their feedback is actually addressed.
  • Websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor allow prospective employees to gauge a company's employee experience, which necessitates companies to value that more in order to get the talent they need.
  • 89% of companies believe their employees are quitting because they think they are underpaid, but only 12% of employees actually leave because of money.
  • 75% of people that voluntarily quit a job do so because of management, not the job itself.
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