Research Proposal

STEM Workforce Retention


To determine what military and commercial STEM workforce retention program models are being used by the US government or commercial organizations (5-7 examples). Research will be used to support content development for a STEM workforce acquisition and retention program.

Early Findings

DoD Scholarship-for-Service

Air Force - Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund

  • The US Air Force uses the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund to attract STEM graduates as well as to offer retention incentives.
  • It also leverages Section 219 to enable its DoD Science and Technology Laboratory Directors to direct 3% of appropriated funds in implementation of workforce development programs.
  • Workforce development is also funded by the National Defense Education Program and STEM outreach programs.
  • The NDAA Section 233 enables the DoD to provide retention incentives concerning military dependents in K-12 under its STEM outreach program.

Commercial - Transferrable Talent

Commercial - Corporate Universities

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