Stephen Williamson Biography


To have extra information on Stephen Williamson, beyond his CV and LinkedIn account (such as other work, press, legal issues, family, and community service).

Early Findings

Press Coverage of His Work Roles

  • There was no press coverage of Williamson's role at PatientOne, but there were a number of articles regarding his previous role at SwipeSense.
  • His appointment to SwipeSense as VP of sales was noted in this article, published in December 2017. He was hired along with two others as part of a company growth strategy and the securement of $10 million in funding.
  • He wasn't mentioned in any press for his role at HealthCareFirst, nor at NextGen.
  • Likewise, there was no mention online of his role as a volunteer firefighter at Brooline (beyond his LinkedIn profile).

Williamson's Bar

  • Williamson purchased his bar in 2018 for an undisclosed price, and co-owns it with his wife, Karen.
  • Williamson told the press that he is the owner/operator, and his wife is the co-owner and handle's the business finances. On that, he was quoted as saying, “She’s the brains behind the operation. And she’ll be keeping me in line, which in itself is a full-time job."
  • The Whiskey Tango is an affordable pub, with all items under $10. They include andouille corn dogs, sliders and tacos, cocktails, wine and beer.
  • He says it has a "speakeasy vibe" and aimed at a "multidemographic community." The pub has 14 employees.
  • The pub's name was inspired by "Williamson’s military background as an Army pilot in the late 1980s."
  • On the pub's website, it describes itself as having a "vintage and laid back atmosphere. " Some 63 people rated the pub an average of 4.9/5 on Facebook and it has 650 followers on Instagram. The Twitter account has few followers (14).

Other Research Methods Attempted

  • Beyond searching for information about Williamson by his workplace and job positions, as well as his earlier role in the army, we also checked for social media accounts - hoping to find insights into his personal preferences and family. As his name is quite common, we searched for his accounts in conjunction with his location and job focus, but no accounts turned up. Accounts for both Stephen and Steve Williamson were for other people.
  • We also conducted an image search and a reverse image search, and found no extra information on Williamson. There was one person with a similar appearance, who also worked in sales, but who died last year and isn't related.
  • We attempted to search for information on his wife, Karen Williamson, based in Springfield, MO, and found several Facebook and Twitter accounts for people with the same name, but none with a picture resembling the one in the Whiskey Tango article.

Proposed next steps:

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