Self-assessment Questionnaires


To locate self-assessment questionnaires that help score the competencies of a strategy consultant.

Early Findings


  • Although McKinsey does not share a self-assessment questionnaire per se, it does share examples of problem-solving assessment tests and cases it uses for selection purposes.
  • The first one, "Practice Test A," presents three scenarios based on actual cases. The goal is to assess one's ability to extract relevant data from the information provided, understanding of financial and business concepts, logical thinking, and others.
  • Test B and Test C follow the same approach.

Bain & Company

  • Bain follows a similar process. Consultant candidates are asked to solve a case study. The company provides three examples. For instance, the “Coffee Shop Co.” case study asks candidates to analyze the financial aspects involved in opening a coffee shop in England based on the information provided.

Additional Tests

  • The “Performance Consulting Self-Assessment” test allows consultants to check which areas they need improvement. The test covers four competency areas: business knowledge, performance knowledge, partnering skills, and consulting skill.


  • Our initial research shows that there is limited publicly available information regarding self-assessment questionnaires for strategy consultants that would cover all the required skills. Some consulting giants share examples of tests used to assess consultant candidates; however, they cover a limited range of skills.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
We recommend continued research to locate 6-8 self-assessment tests that aim to evaluate consultants' skills. For each test, we would describe the skill(s) it covers, the question/problem/case study, and analyze the results (e.g., the right answer or what the score indicates). Skills could include (but are not limited to) business competency, team facilitation, business and financial analysis, strategic thinking, systemic thinking, process thinking, project management, among others.
We could also identify 3-5 additional test samples from consulting firms. For each test, we would describe the skill it measures, the test format (e.g., questionnaire, problem-solving, case study and analysis, among others), and provide a summary of the test.