Research Outline

UK Retail Industry Trends


To obtain trends in the UK retail industry, especially in terms of digital marketing (especially email marketing). This research would be used in identifying the challenges retailers are facing, or the issues that are very important to them.

Early Findings

  • Nasdaq forecasts that 18% of all retail purchases in the United Kingdom will be made online this year.
  • So far, 77% of adults in the United Kingdom have purchased goods or services online.
  • Adobe reported that emails sent by retailers influence 71% of mobile purchases.
  • Recovery emails play a crucial role in combating the issue of abandoned baskets faced by many eCommerce companies.
  • Pure360 reveals that "51% of the UK’s top eCommerce brands are sending dedicated emails".
  • Research reports that 27% of retailers in the United Kingdom fail to provide customers with "any communication during the delivery period".
  • There has been an increase in UK marketing budgets within the first quarter of this year. 21.6% of companies increased their spend.
  • As of 2018, an eMarketer report on the UK retail sector revealed that consumers in the United Kingdom were spending more on online purchases than ever before.