Research Outline

Quartz Media Organization Structure


To determine the current organizational structure of Quartz Media, US.

Early Findings

Total Employees

  • Quartz had 188 employees at the start of 2020. The company has since "restructured the business and reduce its employees by 40 percent, or 80 positions."
  • Therefore, there are currently around 108 (188-80) employees at Quartz.
  • "The editorial staff of 85 positions is being cut to 50 staffers;" editorial employees account for 35 (85-50) of the 80 positions the company has cut.
  • Editorial employees (50) account for nearly half the total number of workers at Quartz (108).
  • The number of employees in each department is not publicly available.

Senior Leadership

  • Jay Lauf is the chairman of Quartz Media.
  • Zach Seward is the current CEO of Quartz Media.
  • Katie Bantz Weber is the president at Quartz.
  • Katherine Bell is the editor-in-chief at Quartz.
  • Tomo Ota is the CFO of Quartz.

Senior Leadership (from Linkedin)

  • The following individuals are also currently part of the senior team at Quartz Media, per their Linkedin profiles (there is a chance that the Linkedin profiles have not been updated):
  • Amy Perry, Executive Director, Quartz Creative
  • Andrew Kelly, Executive Director, Partnerships at Quartz
  • Paul Potenzone, Creative Director
  • Fuaud Yasin, VP, Marketing at Quartz
  • Natalie Diamond, Vice President, Partnerships at Quartz
  • Grace Bacon, Vice President, Business Operations & Talent Development
  • Ashley Huston, Vice President, Communications at Quartz
  • Matthew Grabis , Senior Director at Quartz
  • Chris Zarate, Director of Product Engineering at Quartz
  • Kathya (Kathyayani) Singh, Director, Business Strategy
  • Michael O'Brien, Director of Ad Operations at Quartz
  • Emily Diamond, Product Director at Quartz
  • Kelly Bollaci, Director, People Operations
  • Phoebe Gavin , Editorial Director of Growth at Quartz
  • Ann Bedwell , Director, Partnerships at Quartz

Additional Information

  • Zach Seward has taken a 50% salary cut for the period May-Dec 2020. Katie Weber, Katherine Bell, and Tomo Ota, voluntarily took a 20% salary cut.
  • The company had also decided to "close its physical offices in London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Washington, DC" as their leases expired over the months following May 2020.
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